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Shenzhen Everlead Electronics Co., Ltd. is a mid-to-high technology smart lock solutions provider who has import and export qualifications. It combines face Identify, fingerprint Identify, password, contactless Identify and mechanical unlocking functions at multiple levels, covering people Face locks, fingerprint locks, password locks, card locks, mechanical locks, villa locks, WeChat fingerprint locks based on cloud Internet technology, mobile APP cloud smart locks, and are widely used in smart homes, smart hotels, smart offices, etc. In recent years, the company has intensified its product development efforts, with the goal of leading industry technology, vigorously developing NFC door locks, Bluetooth APP door locks, WeChat door locks, CPU card door locks, hotel and homestay password locks, fingerprint password home locks, wired and wireless networks Door locks and NB-IOT IoT door locks, etc. Through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we’re providing the best remote door lock management solutions for hotels, apartments, campuses and office buildings.


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