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Residential Lock

  • Residential Lock RL8100
  • Residential Lock RL8100
  • Residential Lock RL8100
  • Residential Lock RL8100
Residential Lock RL8100Residential Lock RL8100Residential Lock RL8100Residential Lock RL8100

Residential Lock RL8100

  • Elegant & simple design;
  • High-strength aluminum alloy
  • With Voice prompt
  • Product description: Elegant & simple design; Materials:High-strength aluminum alloy; Color:Pearl chrome / Matte black;

Residential Lock RL8100:

Elegant & simple design;

MaterialsHigh-strength aluminum alloy(Baking paint & electrophoresis);

ColorPearl chrome / Matte black;

2.5D curved glass;Semi-conductor fingerprint sensor;

Two latch optional:Single latch or double latches;

Easy installation;Standby USB interface in case of emergency;Lock with voice prompt;

Security function:Personal handle:Push up lock;pull down unlock(Only for double latches);

Warning:Low voltage,illegal password operation,anti-dismantle;

Unlock ways:card/pin code/mechanical keys;

New unlock ways optional:Fingerprint/Wifi/Bluetooth/Zigbee/Remote;

4 pieces No.5 AA alkaline batteries;

Front & Back Side Dimension:180*72*25.5mm/180*72*27.1mm;

Door thickness Range:40-100mm.


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