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Household door lock

  • Residential Lock RL8100
  • Residential Lock RL8100
  • Residential Lock RL8100
  • Residential Lock RL8100
Residential Lock RL8100Residential Lock RL8100Residential Lock RL8100Residential Lock RL8100

Residential Lock RL8100

  • Material: High-strength aluminum alloy
  • Model: RL8100
  • Latches: 2 kinds available in one lock
  • Product description: It is cost-effective but high quality lock use in residential or appartment.

Advantages & Features:
1. APP support.
2. Multi unlocking way: APP/Pin code/Mechanical keys/RFID card/Fingerprint
3. Fingerprint on handle.
4. 2.5D curved glass.
5. Fashion design
6. Two kinds of Cylinder available

Technology Specification:
Material: High-strength aluminum alloy
Low voltage warning: Warning and lighting when power voltage is below 4.8v
Battery Life: 12 months
Fingerprint sensor: Semiconductor fingerprint module
Working Temperature: -30℃~60℃
Humidity: 15%RH~90%RH
Static Current/Dynamic Current: ≤50μA
Working voltage: 6V
Power Supply: 4 pieces of AA batteries
Service Life: ≥15 years
Door thickness: 40-100mm
Door suitable: metal door, wood door,security door
Color:Pearl chromium,Matte Black

Front & Back Panel Size:180*72*25.5mm & 180*72*27.1mm


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