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Hotel door lock

  • Hotel door lock 2000
  • Hotel door lock 2000
  • Hotel door lock 2000
Hotel door lock 2000Hotel door lock 2000Hotel door lock 2000

Hotel door lock 2000

  • Stainless Steel Hotel door lock
  • Model: HMB1800-SS
  • Card:Mifare 1 encrypted
  • Product description: It is cost-effective but high quality lock be used in hotels.

Fashion design
Ansi standard
High reliability
Lower power
Durable material
All-in-1 RFID technology
Stable Function
Easy installation
Flexible setup

304 Stainless steel Finish
304 Stainless steel Handle
304 Stainless steel Deadbolt

Free software for key card management
Additional interface with PMS software


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